Twitter Retires Discover Tab in More Detailed Trends Increase Twitter follower Twitter has retired its Discover tab, the section within the Twitter app that showed users what topics were trending or most popular within their network. how to increase twitter retweets Twitter isn’t getting rid of the concept, though. This kind of info will now exist instead within the “Search” tab on Twitter, where trends will now include a more detailed description. Before, you might simply see BostonBombing as a trend without any context. Now, the hashtag will include more details — for example, “Boston bombing trial: Verdict reached.”Ironically, the move is intended to help people discover more content within the Twitter app. It aligns with other changes Twitter has made over the past year, including the addition of recommended tweets in user Timelines. Twitter has long argued it has the best content on the Web, but finding that content has always been a challenge.Part of the trouble is the real-time nature of the product. Once a tweet slides down your Timeline, there’s a good chance you’ll never see it again. That’s why Twitter also added a “while you were away” feature to surface popular tweets that were shared since you last opened the app. Twitter’s Trending Topics can be confusing. You might have no idea that #NYFW means New York Fashion Week. So today it’s replacing the Discover tab with an enhanced Trends section that includes brief descriptions of what each trending topic is about. For now it’s available to U.S. users in English who have Tailored Trends turned on, but Twitter is experimenting on the web and plans to roll it out to more countries.

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Twitter kills the Discover tab, replaces it with ‘Tailored Trends’

Twitter today announced that it will now showcase trending topics under the search page on its mobile apps. how to increase twitter retweets You can see the update by clicking the search bar and seeing all the “Tailored Trends” along with a short description of each topic.Consequently, Twitter is retiring the Discover tab, meaning you’ll no longer see activities based on the people you follow. The update helps to simplify content exploration on Twitter’s mobile apps, putting relevant topics closer to users’ purviews.The update arrives to iOS and Android versions of the Twitter app today. There are no words on similar updates on the Web, but based off a test of its new search layout we saw earlier today, the company appears to be planning a possible in-browser revamp as well. These explanations are similar to the descriptions Facebook included when it launched its version of Twitter’s Trending Topics in January 2014. By giving people context, Twitter could make its product more accessible to the masses, aiding growth, and get more people participating in trends.For example, you might see Phantom 3 and have no idea what the topic is about. But now Twitter will tell you that “The World’s Largest Drone Company Unveils Newest Product DJI Phantom 3”.Previously, Discover was its own tab in the Twitter bottom navigation bar. Now that tab has been eliminated, and the new Trends with descriptions will appear when you tap the search icon atop the screen. Tapping into one of the trends will show you top tweets about the topic, media, tweets by people you follow, and then a wider breadth of posts mentioning the topic.

Essential Tools To Track What’s Trending On Twitter

I was recently asked if I knew of a tool that showed what topics were trending on Twitter for a given date. buy twitter retweets Seeing what’s trending is pretty easy, but finding it for a certain date can be a little tricky.I knew of one app that did exactly that so I waded through my bookmarks of Twitter tools and pulled it up.Gone. Nothing. Deader than the yellow TweetDeck.I knew there had to be something, so I set out to find a tool that would show trending topics by date. I found some other cool trending topics apps along the way and I’m including them here too. Twitter has unseated traditional news media as the source for breaking news. When a major story breaks, or a hashtag becomes viral, people begin to tweet about it. The activity makes it a Trending Topic.Trending topics are just hashtags, words or phrases being used more than others over a certain time frame. Trending topics are a way to see what is hot, often before the mainstream media begins to cover it. Keyhole originally created its platform for internal use, but decided to open it up to the public when it started receiving some positive feedback. Keyhole has features that are available for free, but more advanced features are accessible only for paid membership.You can then easily peruse all of the posts that contain the hashtag you’re interested in. The tool has also incorporated the ability to “Feature Post,” which pulls that post to a separate board, making responding easy.It’s worth knowing how the algorithms behind Twitter’s trending topics work, but it isn’t necessary for monitoring and tracking them.